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What does the closing of Kin Custom Shops mean for my business?

We will no longer be hosting Kin Custom shops on our website.

All Kin Custom creators will still be able to upload designs, create merchandise, and order samples. If you are currently selling your merchandise on an outside sales channel, you won't see any changes in how you conduct your business!  If you were selling your merchandise on a Kin Custom shop hosted by our website, you will need to find an alternative sales channel to sell your products. 

If you were selling on a Kin Custom shop, below is information on what to expect next after January 4, 2022:

  • Last payout date will be January 15, 2022, please make sure your PayPal account information is up to date. All payouts due will be paid on this date, including if your payout amount is less than the $100.00 threshold.
  • If you have previously shared a product on your social media, we suggest removing those posts as purchasing will no longer be available.
  • Please remove your sub-domain URL from your social media as those URL’s will no longer be valid.
  • You may use any outside sales channel of your choice. Please visit our Importing Orders page for more information. 

We welcome you to download our free Kin Custom app on Shopify! Here you will be able to utilize Shopify’s templates for your storefront on one of the largest e-commerce sales channels. For more information on our free Kin Custom Shopify app, view our Getting Started Tutorial. For information on Shopify's pricing or general questions on starting a Shopify website, please visit  Shopify Plans and Pricing