Damaged or defective returns?

It's our priority to make sure you receive your merchandise without any flaws.

This is why we proudly offer our 100% print guarantee! In the event your product or your customer's product is damaged or defective, please contact Kin Custom AND provide reasonable proof to us of such damage or defect within fourteen (14) days of delivery. Kin Custom will promptly review your correspondence in order to determine whether such damage or defect warrants a refund. Kin Custom will inform you of its decision to approve or deny your request along with an explanation of its decision.

Should the return be considered a defect, Kin Custom reserves the right to investigate and conduct a thorough analysis of the defect, which may require you to send the defective merchandise to Kin Custom before a decision can be made. For your convenience, a prepaid return shipping label will be provided and you will have five (5) days to send the defective merchandise to Kin Custom for evaluation. Failure to send back the merchandise within five (5) days of receiving the shipping label will disqualify the order from the review process and a refund will not be issued. Kin Custom will not honor defect requests which are attributed to your customers size concerns or design flaws, which may include: spelling, grammatical, font, design, or appearance errors, if such errors are attributed to your submitted creation, design or customization. 

Before submitting for a return, please note the following:

  • Review our sizing charts before orders are placed to ensure our sizing meets your product requirements for your customers. 
  • Review our Print Guide so you are aware of each disclaimer, print method and its requirements for best quality printing.
  • Dirty or worn clothing with missing tags/labels are not eligible. Washed clothing is not eligible for return.
  • Returns related to carrier delays may be honored contingent on the method of shipping selected with the order and is not due to an insufficient address or address error.

For returns including defect requests, it's the shop owners responsibility to communicate with their customer on shipping instructions should they want the return product sent to their address in lieu of Kin Custom fulfillment center. If a customer submits a return to Kin Custom fulfillment center instead of the shop owners return address, the shop owner has 30 days to submit a return inquiry for their customers order. After 30 days, the returned product will then become Kin Custom property for donation.

To submit for a return, please follow these instructions by emailing info@kincustom.com the following:

  1. Your 15 digit KC order number
  2. List the item(s) returning
  3. Reason for return
  4. Clear images of the item(s) requesting for return. Images must include:
    • Apparel, Accessories & Home Goods- All sides including top and bottom views.
    • Footwear- Inside, outside, and bottom of the sole.

Should any of the information listed above be incomplete or inaccurate, the return processing will be delayed.