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How to Integrate with Shopify

Shopify App Tutorial

Please view 'How to Integrate with Shopify' or follow the step-by-step instructions below:



Part 1 | 0:01-0:33 - Installing Kin Custom Shopify App

Part 2 | 0:34- 1:31 - Creating & Adding Products To Your Shop

Part 3 | 1:32- 2:13 - Connect With Shopify From Creator Studio

Part 4 | 2:14- 2:52 - Order Processing & Fulfillment


To add products to a Shopify store:

1. Install Kin Custom Shopify App
2. Upload a design and select the merchandise you want to create
3. Set your profit margin and click 'Add to Shop'
4. Your products will automatically be added to 'Products' on your Shopify store

5. In Shopify Store Products section, filter for 'Availability' and select 'Unavailable'

6. Update your products from 'Unavailable' to 'Available'

Please Note: in order for Kin Custom to process your order without delay please do not adjust the product SKU. For more details, check out our how-to video below:


Order Processing:

When you receive orders, please follow these prompts:

  1. Login to your Shopify store
  2. Download Kin Custom app if not already downloaded
  3. Once your order is processed in Shopify, it will automatically be added to your Kin Custom Shopify app.
  4. Click 'Sales' and you will receive a popup stating your order was imported automatically. You can select to use white label or expedited shipping if you prefer.
  5. Submit payment and your order confirmation will be sent to you directly. 

As your print & dropship provider, we send communication to you directly. You will be responsible for sending your customers their tracking information and order confirmation. If you choose to white label, your branding will be on the packing slip, apparel labels, poly bags, and more. 


Order Tracking:

Once the order is fulfilled, you may find the tracking number in your Shopify orders. Please note, tracking may take up to 48 hours after an order has shipped. If you have not received a tracking number within this time frame, please contact our Customer Experience at info@kincustom.com as soon as possible.