Modifications or cancellations?

All purchases are final.

Since we move quickly to print, cut, and sew your custom handmade merchandise, we cannot accept modifications or cancellations to your orders once submitted. As a print on-demand company, we do not carry inventory and each product is crafted with pristine detail to fit your design needs. This includes different sizing, design changes, or quantity. If you would like to increase your quantity, please place an seperate order.

Since you own 100% rights to all of the artwork, we cannot modify an order or cancel an order as it's your property as a shop owner, not Kin Custom. After a product has been printed, it is not able to be resold due to the customized nature of how print on-demand operates.

The price of each product ordered considers the type of design and customization you have incorporated into the product, thus no modifications are permitted as any modifications would result in a discrepancy between the purchase price and the actual cost of the product.