Best design tips

View our safe print area, wrapped designs, full-bleed image recommendations, and more to make sure your products are printed exactly as you would expect.

Depending on the product, we use different printing methods including sublimation, UV, and DTG. Please view our design tips below before getting started:

Safe Print Area

Keep your design elements within this area. Pattern elements are actual representation of your finished product. Text or graphics outside of this may not appear on the final product once sewn. Model mockups are used as a product visual and not actual. View our Safe Print Area design tips.

Use Full-Bleed Images

For all-over print, use full-bleed images that span across each end of the pattern. If your all-over print design does not span across, space left will show the actual fabric. View our All-Over Print design tips.

Removing Backgrounds

We do not modify or remove backgrounds. Please use transparent PNG files. For any blank space, your product will be the material color.

Print Color Variations

Due to different materials and print methods, we cannot guarantee color match each product. You may place a sample order to ensure products are printed to your liking.

Wrapped Designs

We cannot guarantee wrapped designs will align perfectly due to seam placement.

Product Branding

For your own branding, set-up white label in 'settings' or Kin Custom logos will be used.

We recommend you design within the 'Safe Print Area' (pictured below) to ensure all design details are included on your final products. Please note: we cannot guarantee wrapped designs will align perfectly from front to back due to seam placement. You may view our Print Guide for more information on design details.


Safe Print Area-1