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What if my package is damaged in shipping?

We work with a variety of shipping carriers and logistics companies to deliver your packages to you quickly and efficiently, in the originally shipped condition. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes can happen, and your package may not arrive as expected.

If your package arrives and you discover any of the following issues, please contact Customer Support with the applicable documentation listed below.

  1. Packaging or Product Damage
  2. Stains, Damage, or Defective Products
  3. Wrong Item Received
  4. Package Lost or Stolen (Please refer to Missing Package)

Provide the following documentation within 5 days of receiving the package or delivery notification. This documentation is required for us to file a claim with the shipping carrier on your behalf. You can submit an inquiry here or email us directly at info@kincustom.com.

  1. An overall photo of the package.
  2. A clear photo of the full shipping label with the tracking number visible.
  3. Photos of the damaged products, including up close and the full product. It is important for there to be photos of all the damaged products included in the claim.
  4. If possible, it is helpful to have a video of the shipment being unpacked.

Please note: If your shipping confirmation email states there are two packages in the order, both packages were shipped using the same tracking number. When your customer receives the package, please confirm the quantity of packages received. If a package is missing that was marked delivered, you will need to provide documentation of this, including a statement from the local shipping carrier.