When do I get paid?

When your profit reaches the $50.

When your profit reaches the $50 threshold, payout day is the 15th of the following month after your orders are fulfilled. For example: A customer places an order May 5th, your profit is deposited to your bank account June 15th.

There are two ways to get paid, here's how:

1. Let's say you integrate your store with our platform. When a customer places an order through your store, you import your order into our Creator Studio and pay the base cost. For example, if the base cost of our fitted tee is $18.50 and your markup price is $28.50, your customer would pay your store $28.50, but when you submit your order to us for fulfillment you would only pay the base cost of $18.50 and make a $10 profit.

Kin Custom Shop
2. You create a Kin Custom shop in our Creator Studio. When creating a shop on our platform you are essentially creating a store. Your customers can purchase your designed merch directly from your Kin Custom shop. If you're selling your tee for $28.50 with a base cost of $18.50, your customer will pay $28.50 and on payout day, the 15th of the following month, your $10 profit will be automatically deposited to your bank or Paypal account.