Europe VAT Charge at Checkout

Changes have been made to European regulations regarding VAT

VAT Updates

Beginning July 1, 2021, VAT will be charged on all commercial goods imported into the EU, regardless of value. Because our manufacturing centers are located in China, or if you are dropshipping internationally and your business is based outside the EU, we will no longer be able to export shipments valued under €22 to EU consumers free of VAT. For the best shipping experience, we will now be charging the updated VAT at the time of sale on our checkout page.  Below is a list of the countries that will be affected:

Hungary  Portugal Latvia Slovenia Greece
Poland Belgium Slovakia Denmark  
Austria Italy Czech Republic  Spain  
Ireland Cyprus Luxembourg   Finland  
Sweden France Germany Netherlands  


Why am I being charged VAT twice?

If you are importing orders from an outside sales channel and using our dropshipping services, you may be charged twice (from your sales channel and from Kin Custom) as we are the shipper and we cannot accept sales channel IOSS registration numbers to transmit to the carrier. As your print and dropship provider, it's our IOSS registration number that must be used, not the seller's. If you would like to avoid double VAT charges, we suggest two options:

  • Set a higher profit margin to cover the double VAT charge.
  • Place a bulk order from us directly, you'll be charged once on our checkout, and ship to your customer using your own shipping account with your sales channel IOSS registration number.

Will the end customer be charged VAT as well?

VAT will be collected at checkout, however, you (or your customer) will not be charged VAT again at delivery.