How do I add my products to my Big Commerce store?

Please see the steps below to set up API for Big Commerce to add your products to your store.

Step 1. Log in to your BigCommerce account. Click 'Settings', then under API, click 'Store-level API accounts'

Step 2. Click the 'Create API account' button.

Step 3. Add the API name, for example Kin Custom, and scroll down. Under Products, click 'Modify'. Then click 'Save'. 

Step 4. You will receive API information from Big Commerce. Download and save this file. You will need to enter this information in Kin Custom.

Step 5. Log in to your Kin Custom Account.

  • Under settings, choose API settings and select Big Commerce.
  • Using information from the file download in Step 4, enter the information in the settings.
  • For Store URL, copy and paste the "API PATH" information into the Store URL box in Kin Custom.  
  • Then, copy and paste Client ID and Access token into your Kin Custom API settings.
  • Click 'Add API Keys'. 


Now that the API is set up, you can begin adding your products to your store! To do this please follow the steps below.

Step 1. In your Kin Custom account, select 'Created Merch'. 

Step 2. Choose the products you want to add to your Store. From the dropdown box, select 'Big Commerce'. Click 'Connect'


Step 3. Choose your brand, and the store URL in the pop up. Here you will also select if you want to include model pictures. Click 'Submit'

You will get a pop up letting you know the products exported successfully. Click OK.

Step 4. In your BigCommerce account, click Products, and your products will be available with mockups, size charts, and product descriptions!