How do I soften my sublimated apparel?

Wash instructions to soften your Kin Custom sublimated apparel

The following instructions are for sublimated apparel only. Please follow the care instructions for the product. These instructions are recommendations we suggest using to soften the sublimated apparel. 

The raw material that is used to produce your sublimated apparel is soft and has some stretch in its original form. After the sublimation and printing process, the material can become stiff and does not have the same softness as the raw material. If you would like to soften the material of your apparel, please follow the instructions below. 

    • Step 1. Soak your product in a 5 gallon bucket with room temperature water.
    • Step 2. Add 5 teaspoons of table salt and soak for 60 minutes.
    • Step 3. Machine rinse in cold water with detergent and add 10 ml of fabric softener.
    • Step 4. Dry as instructed per the drying instructions attached to the product. 


  • Please use the type of detergent and softener that is recommended by the model/manufacturer of your washing machine. 
  • If the apparel is left to soak longer than 60 minutes, your product may be begin to fade, but the product will continue to soften.
  • The ingredient amounts listed above are based on soaking one product at a time. Please do not attempt to soak multiple products at one time in the same bucket. 
  • This process is not recommended for Women's Swimwear or Women's Athleisure products listed (material content 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex, with a fabric weight: 5.90 oz/yd² (200g/m²) as there is already stretch and softness after sublimation.