How do I link a different Kin Custom account to my Shopify App?

If you are trying to change the Kin Custom account that is connected to your Shopify app, follow the steps below.

CAUTION: You can only have 1 Kin Custom Account linked to your KC Shopify App at a time.

  1. Log in to your Shopify store
  2. From the left side menu, click on Apps
  3. Under Installed Apps and to the right of Kin Custom, click Delete
  4. If applicable, select your location
  5. Select the reason why you are deleting the app
  6. Click Delete
  7. IMPORTANT: If you add the app again with 48 hours, the request to delete will be canceled and the previous account will still be linked.
  8. After 48 hours, download the Kin Custom app to your Shopify account
  9. Log in with the credentials for the new Kin Custom account