How do I upload my designs or logo?

Our platform provides an intuitive interface for uploading your designs or logo. Simply create an account, and you'll be able to upload high-resolution images directly through our product customization tool, previewing how they look on the products of your choice.


To access, please follow the steps below:

How to Get Started

  1. Log in to your Creator Studio account.
  2. In the upper right hand corner, click 'Settings' under your account icon.
  3. Click 'Custom Branding Sets'.
  4. If you agree to our terms, check 'Yes'.
  5. Upload your logo (minimum of 1000 x 1000px).
  6. Click 'Submit' at the bottom.
  7. When you go to checkout, select you would like to add your logo.

Transparent White Logos

Your logo will be printed onto white packaging. For this reason, please do not use white in your logo elements of a transparent logo.

DO                                                                                              DON'T


Avoid Thin Font Styles

Since the surface area of your logo is printed on smaller items (for example the inner apparel label), please do not use thin fonts. Instead use thicker or more bold fonts to avoid blurry printing.


DO                                                                                            DON'T


Logo Ratio

If there is too much blank space around your logo, your logo ratio needs to be adjusted. If it's not, your logo will print small. Instead, fill the space as much as possible.


DO                                                                                              DON'T