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Can I use Kin Custom as my business partner?

Kin Custom is not a business partner, rather we offer services for fulfillment.

With the recent changes on social media, you may now tag your business partner with branded posts. According to Instagram Help Center, a 'Business Partner' involves when an account has a commercial relationship with the business that's mentioned, and they were compensated in some way for the post.

One area we strive for is ensuring each of our customers thrives in their business from offering high quality products, competitive branding options, and of course the logistics. As your print and dropship service provider, legally we unfortunately are not able to be considered a partner.
Good news... we love to feature our customers and their shops on our website and social media! Check out our How To Be Featured FAQ for more information!

As noted in our Terms of Service, Section 24 the relationship between you/your business and Kin Custom is providing access to and use of the Kin Custom Platform and the services provided. You agree there is no joint venture, partnership, employment, independent contractor or agency relationship between you and Kin Custom and for the same reason we do not issue 1099 is also why we cannot approve your business partner requests.