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How do I change the shipping address or shipping method?

Shipping address and shipping method can be changed inside Creator Studio.

If you entered the wrong shipping address, you can now update the address and shipping method instantly as long as your product has not been shipped. 

Due to the change in address, you may or may not have additional fees that incur. If additional fees are owed, you will need to pay them prior to changing the address otherwise our manufacturing center will continue processing your order with the address the order was submitted with. 

In the event you would like to upgrade your shipping from standard to expedited, we have given you the capability to do so as well! Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Creator Studio
  2. Click 'Sales' on the left side menu
  3. Click 'All Sales' tab
  4.  If your order is eligible, under 'Tracking' column click 'Update Shipping' 
  5. Follow the prompts to change the address/submit payment


Note: If  'Update Shipping' is not available, your order has already been processed for delivery and cannot be updated. You may only change the shipping method from standard to expedited. If you're not able to change the address and your package has left our facility, or if DHL is unsuccessful to deliver to an address, we will receive notice from DHL and notify you of the shipping fees incurred to resend the package to the correct address. Once payment is received, we will arrange to re-route the package. If you fail to respond or make a payment within 7 days of our shipping fee notification, the package will be disposed.