Why is my package held at customs?

The package sent to the destination country can be held by officials when imported into that country for a variety of reasons.

When a package is passed through customs, the clearance process is contingent upon many factors including the customs destination country it's inspected by. Please refer to your countries Custom Border Protection for exact regulations. You may use the information below for general guidelines:

  • On average, packages may be held at customs for up to 72 hours. In rare occurrences, packages can be held up to 30-45 days.
  • Reasons a package may be held at customs include but not limited to a physical inspection of the merchandise, possible trademark violation, formal entry is required, outstanding taxes, or inadequate paperwork.
  • If packages are not able to pass clearance, packages will be shipped back to the shipper (Kin Custom) and assessed for reshipment. On average, it can take 10 days to receive the package.
  • If packages are cleared for reshipment and at no fault of the receiver, Kin Custom will immediately upgrade shipping to Express and reship free of charge.

As your print and dropship provider, the receiving party will work directly with the carrier to clear the merchandise through Custom Boarder Protection in that designated country and will inform you of all cost and tracking of your merchandise.

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