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Why is my promo code not working?

Common promo code error messages explained.

Having trouble with a promo code?

Below are common error messages and explanations as to why your code will not work:

  1. Expired
    • The code is on EST and if it's after the marketed expiration date, it is now considered expired and cannot be redeemed. 
  2. Invalid
    • The code is not from Kin Custom
    • The promotion has not started yet
    • The code was typed incorrect (watch for spacing)
    • The code is registered to a specific user and cannot be applied to the transaction under a different email 
  3. Not Eligible 
    • Your registered Welcome15 offer code is being used for orders other than sample or imported orders. Visit How to use my Welcome15 Offer for more information on how to qualify.
    • Promo codes and discounts will be available during certain periods. On the checkout page, only one discount or promo code may apply, not both. If a discount is already applied, the promo code is considered 'not eligible'.
    • The code is intended for users registered to Creator Studio and users are trying to purchase in the marketplace (Designs by KC or shops on Kincustom.com).
    • The code is intended for customers shopping the marketplace (Designs by KC or shops on Kincustom.com), but is being attempted at checkout by registered users in Creator Studio. 


If none of the above apply and you are still having issues with the promo code, please submit a Contact Us form with a screenshot of your order with the promo code error. We are happy to resolve and investigate further to see what could be causing the issue!