Why won't my orders automatically import when using the Shopify app?

Missing phone number and manually marking orders as fulfilled are common reasons your orders will not import.

Missing Phone Number

Please complete ALL fields in the contact information and shipping fields, including phone number required by the carrier. Customer information is not automatically added to shipping, or vice versa. Fields left blank will result in error messages. When you receive the error below, this means your order is missing a phone number. Please follow the steps below to correct:




Step 1. Log in to your Shopify, click the order number where there is an error. You will see the Recipient Address on the right, click 'Edit'.


Step 2. Your customers name and address will be entered, enter a shipping phone. This can be your contact phone, or your customers. It is required for carriers in case of delivery issues. Click 'Save'.


Step 3.  Go back to the Kin Custom App and click on 'Orders' and your order will have imported successfully!


Step 4. Enter your payment method and click 'Proceed' to checkout.


Make the shipping phone number a required field in Shopify Checkout

You can make the shipping phone number a required field in Shopify so you don't need to manually add it for each order. To do this, please follow the steps below.

Step 1) Go to Shopify Settings. To access the settings, click on the settings gear located on the bottom left. 

Step 2) On the left-hand menu, select 'Check out'

Step 3) Scroll down and under the 'Shipping Address Phone Number' select 'Required'


Manually Marking Orders as Fulfilled

Your customers orders automatically imports, marking manually as 'fulfilled' interferes with the API between your Shopify store and our Kin Custom app. Therefore, your order will not be recognized when you submit for fulfillment. Please leave orders in the "Unfulfilled" Status.  If you have already marked as fulfilled, follow these steps to change the order back to an unfulfilled status so the order will import successfully:



Step 1. Click on the order that was manually marked as fulfilled. Click on the three dots at the top of the order and select "Cancel Fulfillment". 


Step 2. Once the order has been marked as 'Unfulfilled' it will show as 'Unfulfilled' on your orders screen.


Step 3. Go in to your Kin Custom Shopify App, click 'Orders'.


Step 4. Enter your payment method and click 'Proceed' to checkout.