How do I get started?

Follow our guidelines below after creating your free account in Creator Studio.

Before we get to the fun part, we need to first make sure you have properly set-up your account and prepared your designs for the best print quality. To do this simply:

  1. Complete your account profile in 'Settings' with up to date information (in case we need to reach you!)
  2. Add your own logo to our custom branding sets otherwise, your packaging will be non-branded.
  3. Review how to import your orders 
  4. Before creating, make sure your designs meet our Artwork Guidelines.
  5. Review our Print Guide to understand how each product is printed and produced.

Now the fun part! After completing steps 1-5 above,  follow the prompts below for designing:

  1. Simply upload your design.
  2. Choose the products you're interested in.
  3. Design, set your profit margins, export to your sales channel 
  4. Once an order is placed on your sales channel, simply import the order for fulfillment.
** Please note, you only pay the base price when an order is submitted. Please make sure you submit payment when importing an order to us otherwise your orders will not be fulfilled.**

Not sure how to design using patterns? For more help, check out our tutorial below:



Have any more questions? Contact our Client Services team by submitting an inquiry here.